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            Student Recognition

            Student members of the National Speech & Debate Association compete throughout the school year, but tournament wins and Honor Society points are just part of the recognition received from our organization!

            All Americans

            Each year, the top student point earners in the country中国体彩官方app苹果 are named All Americans. The All American award is based on a combination of competitive and service points, of which no more than 25% of the point total can include service. In order to qualify, a student must have competed once at Nationals. Following the National Speech & Debate Tournament, the 25 students with the highest total points in our Honor Society receive this recognition. No application is required to receive this award.

            Congratulations to Daniel Timor from Valley International Prep in California for being named the top point earner in 2018-2019! View the complete list of recipients here.

            Daniel Timor

            Daniel Timor – 2018-2019 Top Point Earner

            Academic All Americans

            The Academic All American award recognizes high school students who have earned the degree of Superior Distinction (750 points); completed at least 5 semesters of high school; demonstrated outstanding character and leadership; and earned a GPA of 3.7 on a 4.0 scale (or its equivalent). NOTE: If the GPA is between 3.5 and 3.7 on a 4.0 scale (or its equivalent), students also must have received an ACT score of 27 or higher, or a New SAT score of 1300 or higher. Students may apply through August 1 in the year they graduate. For example, if a student graduates in May 中国体彩官方app苹果, they have until August 1, 中国体彩官方app苹果 to apply for the AAA Award.


            If a student is eligible, coaches will see a yellow box with “AAA?” under the Awards column on their Student Roster.

            District Student of the Year

            Each NSDA District has the opportunity to name a District Student of the Year award, presented to a graduating senior who best represents the tenets of the Association’s Code of Honor: integrity, respect, humility, leadership, and service. Nominees must also demonstrate strong academic credentials and a commitment to the speech and debate community. District winners must be selected and reported to the national office by May 1, 中国体彩官方app苹果.

            Each year, six students who win the district award are selected as finalists for the William Woods Tate, Jr., National Student of the Year award. Finalists interview with an esteemed panel of educators during the National Speech & Debate Tournament, and the National Student of the Year is announced during the National Awards Assembly. 

            2019 Recipients

            Deep South (AL) • James Torbert • The Montgomery Academy

            Arizona • Alison Cohen • Chandler Preparatory Academy

            Arkansas • Alex Martin • Episcopal Collegiate School

            Big Valley (CA) • Trinity Bergen • Delta Charter HS

            San Fran Bay (CA) • Evelyn Kuo • James Logan HS

            Colorado • Esther Varghese • Eaglecrest HS

            Colorado Grande • Caelen Burand • Centennial HS

            Rocky Mountain – South (CO) • Jacob Stock • Lakewood HS

            Western Slope (CO) • Michael Wilson • Fruita Monument HS

            Florida Oceanfront • Michael Bole • Dreyfoos School Of The Arts

            Florida South • Oliver Stern • Ransom Everglades School

            Georgia Southern Peach • Mariah Cady • Columbus HS

            Hawaii • Jasci-Ann Fikany • Aiea HS

            Idaho Gem of the Mountain • Preston Marispini • Renaissance HS

            Idaho Mountain River • Alyson Corgatelli • Rigby HS

            Greater Illinois • James Han • University HS

            Hoosier Heartland (IN) • Josiah Richey • Logansport HS

            Northeast Indiana (IN) • Grace Bechdol • Canterbury HS

            East Iowa • Emily Robinson • John F. Kennedy HS

            East Kansas • Nicholas Wallenburg • Shawnee Mission West HS

            Sunflower (KS) • Samuel Harder • Maize South HS

            Three Trails (KS) • Mickey McMahon • Blue Valley North HS

            Louisiana • Blake Ziegler • Holy Cross School

            Maine • Caitlyn Bull • Falmouth HS

            Chesapeake (MD) • Amaris Hester • Marriotts Ridge HS

            New England (MA & NH) • Paulina Hruskoci • Shrewsbury HS

            Central Minnesota • Ethan Mirman • Minnetonka HS

            Southern Minnesota • Michelle Quan • Rosemount Sr. HS

            Magnolia (MS) • Austin Brown • Ridgeland HS

            Eastern Missouri • William Polster • Pattonville HS

            Show Me (MO) • Jacob Gose • Rockhurst HS

            Montana • Michael McKay • Corvallis HS

            Nebraska • Joanna Bai • Millard West HS

            Nebraska South • Kate Millington • Norris Public Schools

            Golden Desert (NV) • Sophie Mallas • Palo Verde HS

            Sagebrush (NV) • Vanessa Ribeiro • Spanish Springs HS

            New Jersey • Christopher Maximos • Delbarton School

            New Mexico • Adelyn Moore • La Cueva HS

            New York City • Esmeralda Reyes • Achievement First Brooklyn HS

            Carolina West (NC) • Gayatri Chopra • Providence HS

            Tarheel East (NC) • Deandra Simpson • Cumberland Int’l Early College HS

            North Dakota Roughrider • Juliet Geffre • Fargo Shanley HS

            North Coast (OH) • Julia Lynn • Laurel School

            Northern Ohio • Evan Gallo • Columbiana HS

            East Oklahoma • Jalen Davis • Tulsa School Arts & Sciences

            West Oklahoma • Christine Nguyen • Edmond Santa Fe HS

            North Oregon • Katie Card • Gresham-Barlow HS

            South Oregon • Cristien Hernandez • South Medford HS

            Pennsylvania • Bree Gray • Trinity HS

            Valley Forge (PA) • Lena Lofgren • Strath Haven HS

            South Carolina • Ian Chiu • Riverside HS

            Rushmore (SD) • Seamus Duffy • O’Gorman HS

            Tennessee • Pedro Reyes • Morristown West HS

            Central Texas • Saskia Reford • Saint Mary’s Hall HS

            East Texas • Hanaa Irfan • Klein HS

            Gulf Coast (TX) • John Duncan • Harlingen HS South

            Heart of Texas • Rene Otero • Hendrickson HS

            Lone Star (TX) • Jacqueline Wei • Plano West Sr. HS

            North Texas Longhorns • Jada Bourne • Keller HS

            Space City (TX) • Hunter Brown • Spring Woods HS

            Tall Cotton (TX) • Trent Collins • Borden County HS

            UIL (TX) • Ashlyn Ellgass • Lindale HS

            West Texas • Michelle Guevara • Ysleta HS

            Yellow Rose (TX) • Christopher Malhas • Princeton HS

            Virginia • Suditi Shyamsunder • John Handley HS

            Western Washington • Joseph Ribera • Tahoma Senior HS

            Northern Wisconsin • Jackson Kloes • Étude HS

            Wind River (WY) • Taliah Blom • Natrona County HS

            Joanna Bai
            2019 – Joanna Bai
            Millard West HS, NE
            Elena Cecil
            2018 – Elena Cecil
            Larue County HS, KY
            Ricardo Flores
            2017 – Ricardo Flores
            Americas HS, TX
            Marshall Webb
            2016 – Marshall Webb
            Saint Mary’s Hall HS, TX
            Jarrius Adams
            2015 – Jarrius Adams
            Hattiesburg HS, MS
            Walter Paul
            2014 – Walter Paul
            Creighton Preparatory, NE
            Robert Shaw
            2013 – Robert Shaw
            Glenbrook South HS, IL
            Quinlan Cao
            2012 – Quinlan Cao
            East Mountain HS, NM
            Taylor Walker
            2011 – Taylor Walker
            Henry W. Grady HS, GA
            Cory Williams
            2010 – Cory Williams
            Hattiesburg HS, MS
            Danielle Camous
            2009 – Danielle Camous
            St. Mary’s HS, CO
            Kyle Akerman
            2008 – Kyle Akerman
            Downers Grove South HS, IL

            William Woods Tate, Jr., National Student of the Year

            The 2019 William Woods Tate, Jr., National Student of the Year is Joanna Bai from Millard West High School in Nebraska. Joanna was selected by a panel of coaches for her character, passion, and commitment to inclusion.

            IN THEIR WORDS | “Speech and debate taught me how to listen and connect with people. I learned how to show up for others and give them a chance to be vulnerable in a safe space. I think speech and debate teaches us a lesson that we aren’t taught other places at such a young age–that despite having so much to learn in life, what we’ve learned so far is valuable and meaningful to the world. We’re not just kids who talk on the weekends. Speech and debate gives us a place where we’re encouraged to use our voices to do more, to find our heartbeat in the world and chase after it.”

            Joanna Bai

            Joanna Bai – 2019 William Woods Tate, Jr., National Student of the Year

            About the Award

            This annual award recognizes one individual out of more than 150,000 student members who best embodies the organization’s

            Previous Recipients

            Find out in this article from the 2017 November/December issue of Rostrum magazine.

            National Exemplary Student Service Award

            The 中国体彩官方app苹果 National Exemplary Student Service Award recipient is Aryaman Sharma from West Fargo Sheyenne High School in North Dakota. Aryaman was selected for his efforts in spearheading the “Spread the Word to End the Word” campaign against using the “R-word” and his service and dedication to his own scholarship program and nonprofit beyondBASIK (Bus As School for Indigent Kids).
            中国体彩官方app苹果 Exemplary Student Service Award Winner - Aryaman Sharma

            About the Award

            Introduced in 2017, the National Exemplary Student Service Award is given annually to a student who serves their school, community, city, region, or state using skills they honed through speech and debate. Coaches or administrators may nominate a student who upholds the highest standard of service, one of the core tenets of the Association’s Code of Honor, for recognition. As opposed to the William Woods Tate, Jr., National Student of the Year Award, current member students of any age are eligible for nomination.

            Nominations for the current school year are accepted from coaches or administrators through January 21, 中国体彩官方app苹果.

            Learn more about service and service points in this guide.

            Honoring Member Students and Graduates

            There are many ways to recognize a student’s commitment to speech and debate via honor society insignia and graduation items.
            Student members can be awarded a jeweled pin or pendant commensurate with their achievement in the NSDA honor society.
            The National Speech & Debate Association is also proud to offer honor cords for its members to wear during high school graduation ceremonies. Honor cords recognize member accomplishments and affirm their commitment to speech and debate education. Please visit our online store to place an order for honor cords. If necessary, use this letter to principals in support of NSDA honor cords from Executive Director J. Scott Wunn.

            Looking for more recognition?

            FAMILY NEWSLETTER: Stay on top of special opportunities and information and ! Once a month, we’ll send you access to free judge training materials, ways to be a great speech and debate volunteer and team booster, information on student opportunities like scholarships, awards, and free competition resources, and special ways to show your speech and debate pride.
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